About Us

“We take pride in making the best Mexican food and the best micheladas providing a friendly and family oriented casual dining”

Gabriel Barajas, Mr. TacosWay aka Mr. MicheWay, grew up in southern California and saw the necessity of opening a good hip Mexican restaurant. He began to step foot in the food industry by operating a hot-dog stand outside a DMV which would later lead him to open the biggest hip Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles; TacosWay. Mr. TacosWay innovated the taco by creating specialty tacos and micheladas like no other, drizzled in chamoy and tajin that has attracted the crowds of every population. His novelty style of TacosWay, and MicheladasWay with a sprinkle of hip, has become a major game changer in the Mexican restaurant industry.

Through social media, Instagram, with approximately 120,000 followers, Mr. TacosWay, has dominated the Mexican restaurant business with his ultra-ego, Mr. TacosWay, wearing his gold chain, sunglasses and TacosWay gear. People from all over the country and all over the world have made it a point to stop and experience TacosWay whenever they’re in town. This has given Mr. TacosWay the ambition to open more restaurants in the near future. Within a five-year span, Mr. TacosWay has opened five locations, with a sixth opening soon in Oxnard, California. TacosWay is the new generation of Mexican casual dining and is here to take over the market by storm.

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